A batch number is assigned to all raw materials brought into Nateva. A sample is taken followed by a macroscopic, organoleptic or even chromatographic analysis to insure the quality of the product. All of our items have a technical sheet and a test report. They are often packaged in paper bags to guarantee preservation. We have put preventative measures in place against the proliferation of insects: traps, temperature fluctuation control and freezing at -22°C. Upon request, we carry out numerous tests: CCM, heavy metals, dose of active ingredients, bacteriological analysis, etc.


We follow the HACCP procedure (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Point). This regulation means the tracking of all products and a continued improvement regarding quality. Continuously dedicated to improving the quality of our products, we are currently applying norms ISO 22000 et 22716.


Nateva is certified by ECOCERT, an independent organisation which guarantees the respect of organic manufacturing processes, from plant cultivation to the finished product. We also organise organic certification for our gatherers with a common agreement which enables small producers to work in line with the requirements of organic farming.


Our bourbon geranium exploitation « Avituri », in The Congo is now certified as Fair Trade by IMO, under the 'Fair For Life' label. In order to make the most of this label, Nateva is also currently being certified. 'Fair For life' is an independent certification which attests the respect of criteria such as the refusal of forced working or child labour, the freedom of association, safe and decent working conditions as well as improvements in salary and living conditions.