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organic rose floral water (bulgaria)


Damask Rose backgrounds
Damask Rose derives from the city of Damascus, the capital of Syria.

Rose cultivation originated in the Middle East, where the Persian doctor Avicenna is credited with developing the method for rose floral water production already in the 11th century. Then, it was brought to Europe since the 13th century, after its discovery during the Crusades.

In the 17th century, it was introduced in Bulgaria, which has become the 1st producer in the world. The main cultivation area for Damask Rose is the “Valley of Roses” around the cities of Kazanlak and Karlovo in central Bulgaria, at an altitude of around 700 m, where temperatures and humidity are ideal for rose cultivation.

Rose cultivation
The rose bushes start forming leaves in March, and flowers are ready to be harvested in late May to beginning of June.

Roses are hand plucked early in the morning when there is still dew on the roses, and brought to the distillery immediately after.

Rose floral water distillation
The traditional method of rose floral water distillation requires a double distillation by means of cohobating the steam charged with rose essence back into the distillation vessel.

This is done in traditional copper stills with a large “gooseneck” to allow for recycling the floral water.

NATEVA’s rose floral water

Every year, after the harvest, we import from Bulgaria, several rose floral water tanks.

In order to guarantee the quality, we make sure that the following method of production is respected : the floral water that we offer is distilled with flowers of rose freshly harvested, and has ratio of 1/1 (1 kg of fresh flowers for 1 kg of floral water). When we receive the floral water, it is 100 % pure, natural and organic.

It will go through a 0.2 µ filtration process in Nateva and we can add preservatives upon demand.

Rose floral water virtues

The soothing, healing and toning virtues of pure organic rose floral water are beneficial to all skin types for all age groups. The interest of a floral water as compared to an essential oil is that it is less concentrated, thereby limiting the risk of allergic reactions.

Rose floral water is a complete skin care product in itself. It tightens skin pores and provides a fresh complexion. In one application it cleanses, heals, softens and hydrates the skin. It is especially beneficial to dry skin, and also has astringent properties.



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